ground floor

. . .  (when noise comes in) at Walden Affairs, Den Haag

upper floor

first floor

Perhaps white noise [bruit de fond] is at the heart [fond] of being itself. Perhaps being is not at rest, perhaps it is not in motion, perhaps it is agitated. White noise never stops, it is limitless, continuous, perpetual, unchangeable. It has no grounding [fond] itself, no opposite. How much noise has to be made to still the noise? And what fury orders fury? Noise is not a phenomenon, all phenomena separate from it, figures on a ground [fond], as a light in the fog, as any message, cry, call, signal must each separate from the hubbub that fills the silence, just to be, to be perceived, sensed, known, exchanged. (…) It is set up in subjects as well as in objects, in hearing and in space itself, in observers and observed, it passes through the means and tools of observation, be they material or logical, be they channels that were constructed or languages, it is in both the in-itself and the for-itself.

Michel Serres, Lawrence R. Schehr. “Noise.” SubStance: Determinism, Vol. 12, No. 3 (1983): 50.

Ground floor. A dead-ended. Traces. Ambient noise. Point zero (again). A modest parasite sweeps the sweat of his face.
First floor. Something is going on in the middle. Bones start anew. No beginning. No end. No plan. No story. No masterpiece. Scattered insides.

Upper floor. Including. Implying. Surrounding. Burying. Nothing and everything.