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Out of One, Many, Out of One

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V booklet

Dear Visitor,

Firstly, a warm welcome to Als het zwart is heb je nog 5 minuten. It goes without saying that your presence is much appreciated, still I want to show you a token of my appreciation. It wandered through multiple stages before arriving at its current state of being, but I’m straying off.

Please go ahead,

it’s in there awaiting your unwrapping.

Did you find one to your liking?

Yes? Well then, go on open it up.

You are warmly invited to take what is inside and bring it to your dwelling and, if you can, it would be very nice if you’d send me a photograph of it in its new home.

I expect you have guessed by now by looking around that you are not the only one granted a gift. If you want you could meet the others — and some more. They will be here on Saturday the twenty-second of October from five o’clock in the afternoon until midnight for a convivial assembly. Please send me a short note if you want to join!

Yours Truly

On behalf of the Artscraper, Risktaker, Thrillseeker, Brainfeeder, Hosselaer, The Cook, The Coadjutant, The Guest, De Vooruitdenker, This one is the Healer, ikbenjoudiemijnadoet

— without ever defining themselves