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Stages for living, loving and working

As a group of people with various individual practices and skills we envisioned a cycle of Stages for living, loving and working; stages for multivarious gatherings of people, ideas, actions and materials that would shape and shift along travels from Amsterdam to Trier, to Bad Ems, back to Amsterdam and back again to Bad Ems and finally the remains/material-audio-visual archive to Remagen, Pirmasens and Ludwigshafen. With Stages for living, loving and working we wanted to construct spaces for working and being together with a hierarchy free DIY mentality and practice an ‘art of living’ within these spaces. That is to say that we put our diverse skills and experiences into sharing the potentialities of (trans)forming everyday and other rituals, pleasures, habits and structures within temporary places to be inhabited by us and everyone who wanted to join/become (with) ‘us’. Re/assembled, used, found and gifted materials time and again operated as physical base to enfold all sorts of encounters and gatherings with old and new friends; from quiet coffee conversations to extravagant dance performances and everything in between. Along the way we also created an accumulating and expanding audio/visual archive recording the materials and actions, drawing attention to the less visible and hidden processes of creation/work, the initiating makers and their many roles, acts, travels and re/groupings as well as the life course of the materials. 
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The Ballroom, July 15 – September 15, 2018 
In a vacant office building in the Bijlmer neighbourhood in Amsterdam The Ballroom happened over an 8-week period. This stage x exhibition x stage was shaped and inhabited by functional sculptural elements to facilitate and host crew and guests with a fully functional kitchen, a DJ booth, recording studio, edit-suite, XL sofa, clothing racks and much more. A variety of performances, screenings, workshops, visual artworks and food were mixed, prepared, cooked and served to guests and ourselves in a gathering of thoughts and bodies, materials and work, conversations and nourishment. 
The Lab, July 31 – August 26, 2018 
The Lab unfolded in the garden and one of the exhibition spaces of Museum am Dom over a 10-day period. The Lab operated as studio, broadcast station and ‘island’ whose contours were formed by a structure of wooden pillars and concrete casts. The livestreamed actions in The Ballroom accompanied and intermingled with our actions here forming novel webs of connections and affinities. To celebrate these alliances a special programme was set up in The Ballroom for the opening in Trier and we kept on transmitting the work, actions and gatherings happening in The Ballroom for two more weeks during opening hours of the museum. 
The Lighthouse, September 23 – December 31, 2018 
The Lighthouse was situated at Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral. An amalgam of materials from the two previous stages supplemented by stuff gifted by Künstlerhaus neighbours and friends gave shape to this gathering platform with in- and outdoor compartments constructed over a period of 7 weeks. During its inauguration various people from near and far who had contributed to its physical coming together joined to set it ‘on fire’ by sharing food, performances and dancing together. From then on The Lighthouse would be wide open for everyone whenever we were around. Just before Christmas we welcomed friends and neighbours to join in for book readings, films, food, games, live music & karaoke for one more time. 
The Satellite, November 20 – 22, 2018 
In three days a structure was pulled together with a spark from The Ballroom at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet’s Scenery Atelier to accommodate Raquel van Haver and friends. An intimate environment and celebration for the upcoming opening of her exhibition Spirits of the Soil at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam with plentiful meals and drinks reminding of the scenes on Raquel’s paintings, heart-warming music and performances. 
The Garage Sale, January 11 – 24, 2019 
Over a period of two weeks all the people who contributed to The Lighthouse and the other stages were invited to take home a piece of it in the form of a lamp. With this give away gesture his/her/theirstories of gatherings of people and ideas embedded in the recombined materials were given a home. 
The Container, February 10, 2019 – January 19, 2020 
As a portable cabinet The Container (up)holds the activities, gatherings and imaginations on the Stages for living, loving and working. The final material remains encapsulate five 45-minute videos and a sound piece forming a block of radiating energy of work and creation by a group of people who try to live, love and work together and with that shape their daily lives otherwise- now and into the future. 
With the energies and imaginations of many, and thanks to various forms of support 
Timothy Adèr & Yve Baya & Ray Fuego & Andre Jetski & High Rollers & Sistemu & Noëall & Jerrausama & Oomboi Lauw (Hoodstock Blockparty) x Emmanuel Afriyie & Marcel Korankyewaa & Cristhell Sabina (VAZO Gang) x Kenneth Aidoo x AiRich x Amal Alhaag & Maria Guggenbichler & DJ Nocturnal Femme & DJ Lilily & DJ Razberry & DJ Maxi Mr Naughty & DJ Annarella & DJ Jurji & DJ IMO & DJ Lite Weight & DJ Quartz Cube & DJ Vennhi from the Block & DJ BOLO & DJ Darkest Lady - Wispelturig & DJ Myriam & DJ More or Less & SACHA & DJ ELEVEN & DJ CRY me a RIVER & DJ Fearyence x Roi Alter x Dania Awin & Inez Blanca & Aju Shrestha & Jo-Ann With (ANTI-BODIES) x Goeun Bae x Nicoletta Becker x Mees Bekkers & Sissi Crum & Kiki van der Zanden x Marcel van den Berg x Alice Berweiler-Kaufmann x Jasper Blind x Lucy Blind x Sofia Blink x Sangiorgio Dallajee Blonk x Najiba Brakkée x Dieter Brandt x Anne Brattinga x Tim Breukers x Milo & Patrick van Bronkhorst x Jesper Buursink x Emiliano Caprino x Kiddo Cee x Chun-Han Chiang x Marieke Coppens x Corner Arcade x Jeffrey Croese x Angelo Custódio x Randy Da-Costa x Peter Dautzenberg & Sonja Pos & Anita Schoolderman x Dherl Deekman x Maikel Deekman & Truus Zandvliet x Dina from Eqypt x Lotte Dinse x Bonno van Doorn x Bernd Drabner x Monique Duurvoort x Erra (RASA) x Elina Gartinger x Gudrun Freier x Robin van Geerke & Vincent Henar & Damsko United Brass Band (DUBB) x Thorsten Grahl x Chiel Griffioen x Markus Groß-Morgen x Arthur Guilleminot x Sacha Gyapjas x Maud Haddon x Rumiko Hagiwara x Raquel van Haver x Michiel Hilbrink & Dongyoung Lee x Susanne von der Heyden x Gloria Holwerda-Williams x Sanneke Huisman & Brian D. McKenna & Anika Schwarzlose x IamFaiz x Ismael Imansoeradi (Marroon) x Jan Jacobs x Jake x Joenes x Rosa Johanna x K.O.B. (King of Bacchanal) x Dija Kabba x Hamid El Kanbouhi x Christine Kipiriri x Emily Kocken & Giorgos Kellidis & Hanna Monola & Jacco Prantl x Thomas Kohl x Guy Königstein x Bas Kosters x Kees ‘KC’ Koenders x Friederike Kotthoff x Christiane Kreische x Judith Leysner x André Lourenço x Herbert L. Macharius x MAMI WATA x Pedro Matias x Sara Mattens x Bea McMahon x Esther Meijer (Nieuw Jurk) x Karin Meiner x Ike Melchizedek x Mick La Rock x Ilga Minjon x Minstrel x Cindy Moorman & Martin Sämmer x Tanja Morbach-Lenz x Brunhilde Müller x Regillio Nijhove x Jazzmin Nilsson x Jet Nugter x Chidi Nwosu & Marieke de Rooij & Irina Shapiro & Dash N’ Dem & Pei-Ying Lin & Justina Uka & Candice & Mavis Hofwijk (Open Set) x Chrystella Ofori x Jonas Ohlsson x Mitchell van Ommeren x Fleur Ouwerkerk & Foday Conteh x Eva Pel x Bettina Perremuto & Cheryl Simson (Juiciety) x AnnaMaria Pinaka & Josie x Mark Ponte x Petra Ponte x Zaïra F. Pourier x Nelmarie du Preez x Eddie van Rijn & Jasper Aapkes x Claudio Ritfeld & Boris Duregger (De Nachtdienst) x Masha Ru x Dave Saija (Amsterbammetje) x Henk Sallons & Hannie Spel x Moyo Santosmartins x Ralf Schmidt x Anami Schrijvers x Fadil ‘Beer’ Shewpersad x Letitia Slijngard x Tom Smit x DJ Soulfania x SoulTrash & Tengo Vision & Kamran Senju & El Duiv & Onzekere Guy & Nicci San & Donny Baby & CRZE & All1NE & Fayamang Stoep & Oma Biet & Leyroy Elshot & Tripocules & T. Milan & MC Lost & Blok & Don. D & BVNDO & Mizztamizzo x Angela Tellier x Niek Theeboom x AnneMarie Tiebosch (Shain Foundation) x Arda van Tiggelen x Heike Tjepkema x Mickey Tokromo x Rachel Tokromo x Larreeny Valdink x & friends x Daniel Vorthuys & Milena Bonilla x Meis Vranken x Dan Walwin x Marita Wanders x Sidney Wartes x Eunice Weerwind x Annegret Werner-Scholz x Selina Widder x Gyenzo Wijnaldum x Jantine Wijnja x Winfried x Till Wyler von Ballmoos x Ran Zhang x Vivian Ziherl 
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